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  1. Hello everyone,
    Its Jessie again. Am here with another good news that I have passed may last semester exams again and am good to go to the final semester of my study which starts on 6th february, 2017.

    As I am moving towards the end of my final semester of my study, I just want to thank all who supported me during this academic journey. Without your support, this kind of achievement in my life could be impossible.
    Hence receive my heartfelt appreciation and I wish you all, all the best.

    I thank froukje particularly and her family for their untiring great job they have been doing throughout my whole tertiary education. Words alone cant thank them enough but they should feel that they changed my life for real and for better. They really made me (as part of malawi) not just better but best. I thank you dear froukje and I wish you all the best in life.
    Thank you all!

  2. Hello everyone.
    Its jessie again.
    Its been a while since I wrote something here about my get going with my studies.

    I am in the midst of my first semester in fourth year now. The studies resumed earlier september after a break I have had during my attachment. Upon reaching here, we had to receive our january semester exams results which I passed with a distinction. Since then my life have been so jovious, infact I never expected the results. Out of 112 students in my class it was only three of us who had to get the awards of being the best students. At this school, its traditional that evry semester they organize a special ceremony of awarding the outstanding students who passes each and every previous semester exams with dinstinctions and credits. The ceremony is always breathe-taking to the rest of the student spectating. Its a motivating ceremony to the rest of the students so that they should study hard that semester to be awarded as well in the future. But all in all I thank froukje and all who renders their financial support in making it possible for me to be here because without you all I couldnt have obtained this success I am perpetually cerebrating for.

    As for this semester, lots of knowledge have been acquired theoretically and for the past 3 weeks have been busy with mid semester exams. This semester I have six subjects which at first I assumed that my study could be too easy to go since my previous consecutive semesters i had 9 and 8 subjects respectively, but its quite an opposite, because Its so hectic this semester than before. All in all I am striving for the best in order to remain in shape and that I dont lose my track.
    I hope to write again soon.
    Thank you all!!!!!!

  3. hello, Iam Jessie again..
    am here today happily as my last semester exams are out and i have also passed without any supplementary exams nor repeat courses..
    lately, i have been at attachment area. where i was attached at nkhotakota district hospital at environmental department.
    i have been involved in many different projects and meetings in promoting healthy..
    i have been involved in another project where we are encouraging people around nkhotakota to build toilets for each household to stop open defeacation which facilitates outbreaks of diseases.. i was also involved in survey to assess how many so far have toilets before this project starts..
    so much have been done and much experience have been am going towards the end of my attachment period, just ramaining with a week then i go for holiday..early september thus when i wil be leaving for school ..starting 1st semester of my 4th year….
    Thank you all for your support..its all because of you that am here today…
    Thank you!!

  4. hello good people,
    its jessie again, i would like to make few updates. am still at school going towards the end of the semester. am remaining with two weeks to start end of semester exams..
    the semester have been tough with full of assignments and mid-sem exams but am a fighter, am coping because thus the way it has to be.
    this sem i have been studying 7 courses namely: statistic modelling, epidemiology part 2, maternal child health, nutrition and food science, health care administration, HIV/AIDS management and christian leadership.
    while last semester i had nine courses namely: statistical inference, epidemiology part 1, anthropology of sociology, mental health, bible and morals, occupation health, research, biochemistry and environmental impact assessment.
    apart from those 7 subjects i have, am writing my research proposal where each student is assigned to a lecture as our supervisors for our writings and research is about: investigating the effectiveness of insecticides treated nets (ITNS) distribution on reduction of malaria prevalence among people in certain village in mwanza..this village is in the area where i was working last year before i came here..this survey i will conduct it in july when my proposal has finally been approved by my supervisor..
    am conducting this research because there was a time in this village the mosquito nets were distributed and i just want to study its effectivenes of this intervention on malaria prevalence reduction.

    am expected to start my holiday on 29th may and it will be a 2 weeks holiday..june am starting practicals. i have been assigned to do it in lilongwe district hospital where i will be attached to environmental department.. these practicals are suposed to end by july end and early august we wil be opening another semester going in 4th year when i pass my exams this time but i have hope that i will pass. more details about practicals will be written this end may.. within the period of these practicals i will have to go to mwanza for some weeks and conduct my survey there and collect semester i will be studying research part 2 where we wil be analysing our data collected and publish our study..

    with these practicals there additional fee i have to pay for supervisory and its stil my plea to the well wishers who can help me through froukje..

    wishing you all the best,

  5. hello, am jessie again..
    As i promised to write again when i hear my exams here i come ladies and gentlemen while overwhelmed by the joy inside me, to share this exciting news i have that I HAVE PASSED MY EXAMS. hence on 31st jan am supossed to report back to school but its is my plea once again that well wishers should help me with contribution of school fees…stay blessed and wish you all the best in life..
    Thank you all.

  6. hello there! its jessie from malawi again.. its been high time that have been here though i promised to write again soon.

    in december i sat for the exams which took place in two weeks.. next week monday results will be out and hopefully i pass by thy grace though some of it was so suposed to go back to school on 31st january this year..thus when we opening.
    hence i seek a help of school fees to all well wishers who may see this through froukje who is already doing alot for me and my study..
    our school fees per semester is k621 000.00..
    i hope to come back and write about my exams results by next week monday when i find out..
    thank you…stay blessed.

  7. hello all
    my name is jessie mwale, a fourth born in a family of six. lost my dad and mom when i was 7yrs and 13 years respectively. have been raised by my grandmom with the help of my uncle and aunt thereafter. they could suport me up untl i finished my secondary school interms of my education but they couldnt manage to suport me and my siblings with tertiary levels of our education..
    2010 i was shortlisted to do nursing school at certain college called st lukes in my country malawi but i couldnt report to school because i had no school fees up untl veronica whom used to work under certain dutch NGO linked me with froukje who has been so helpful and suportive to me.
    she started paying me school fees and giving me all neccesities required for my study up until i finished in the year 2015. i apreciate al she has done and stil doing for me..
    and i thank veronica for what she did to introduce me to froukje..
    i have worked for one and a half year but now am pursuing with my education..studying bancheror of public health at certain university in my country called livingstonia university..

    as for now as am writing am preparing for examination so i will write much when i have enough time…
    thank you all..
    God bless you all.

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