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  1. Dear friends,
    I come back after sometime to comment on the developments taking place with Better Malawi foundation. So many good things have taken place, among them are the graduation of Jessie, i just want to say congratulations! and great success in the world. Secondly, the new borehole drilled in Malidadi village. This is the great gift the people have received in the village in 2017, because it will ease a couple of problems. The issue of cholera outbreak that was spreading due to unclean water will now be history. Women were also spending more time walking long distances to fetch water. That aside, the water will help the people to plant some vegetables through irrigation. All in all, thanks to Froukje and the family, all people who donated for the completion of the project and mostly the young kids from primary school “De Wynroas in Friesland for organizing the fundraising activities for the project. Merry Christmas and happy new year 2018 to you all!!!!!!!!

  2. Greetings ladies and gentlemen,
    I would like to report about the situation in Malawi about hunger. The rain was very little and most of the places never had rains at all. In the Malidadi village, they never had rains and crops they planted got destroyed in the fields. So we intend to help them to start planting drought resistant crops like cassava and cow peas. So the maize we bought will be distributed in a meetings where we will be talking about possibility of the people planting drought resistant crops to avoid hunger in future. So now the problem will be the money to buy the seeds to be planted. The economic status of the people in the country is very very poor, they cant afford to have money .

  3. Hallo friends, malawi is really the warm heart of africa, but noe its becoming the hot part of africa as it has become very dry. The rains are coming errantically. Most parts of malawi have no rains. Maize is also drying. Thanks to you my dear friends for the support you always give us. All the beat and happy new year

  4. greetings from Malawi. After a long period of silence, i come back to you ladies and gentlemen. let me inform you that the school at Makunganya is still operation and students are doing their studies.
    but Malawi as a country is meeting hunger problem. i make an appeal to you all that we join hands to help the poor villagers in Malawi. I suggest if some food items could be bought and be given to the poor.

  5. Greetings from Malawi. It has been long since i appeared on this forum. Thus, i inted to share with you the news from Malawi; first about the school and then the situation of the country as a whole.
    The Mlambe Nursery school is still active and we have students who are still learning. however, the clean water project is still needed.
    In malawi, the country is in deep economic struggle. the country is almost buckrupt but also there was poor harvest in the beginning of this year. as a result there is hunger and malnutrition is likely to happen. i appeal for a support of food items to the poor people. we can buy food and distribute to the very needy poor villagers.

  6. The kids do eat porridge everyday at the school but the elderly do not take the porridge. As of now the report indicates 68 kids and about 50 elderly. We had the problem of teachers. We need to add other teaches, asnd after adding the other one, that means there are altogether four. The problem now is the salary of the two and additional money to Alfred who is LSO working in the after noon with the elderly. Froukje started already giving salary for the other woman teacher and the second one also need to be paid as well. As a permanent solution we need to start cultivating cotton that after selling we can have money in the bank to keep for the support of the foundation. So we need the capital money to start preparing the garden of cotton this year.

  7. When the harvest is bad, the prices of commodities also go high. So maize which our staple food will as well be expensive. Therefore we have already started buying bags of maize already which the kids eat at the school and keep it already with the help of money from the foundation account from Froukje. This will help a lot because very soon the maize I’ll be scarse and very expensive.

  8. Welcome back to the news from Malawi. Malawi is becoming cooler everyday. And people are busy harvesting in their fields. However it is clear that many people will not ave a good harvest. The reason is that, there were a lot of rains and afterwards, it abruptly stoped . so the maize dried up in most areas while in others the crops were washed away by water. That means the areas around the Mlambe nursery school is affected as well. Consequently, the attendance of kids but also the elderly will be affected as Manny will be busy going around looking for food.

  9. I there make an appeal for charity work to contribute to the support of these yoind boys. I believe in education as the way people in africa and particularly in Malawi where it is graded poorest country in the world. The improvement can be done through change of mind set on how we understand issues, and the only way is through education. So if these boys are education, a big contribution to the change of Malawi.

  10. In the same village, there are two young boys who are doing secondary education, there names are Alfred Sinoya and Golden Sinoya. They are brothers and raised by single parent, that is their mother only, who is also very poor to support or pay for their school fees. I have tried to find school fees for them for almost two years now, but now it is becoming too diificult to continue supporting them as i am also struggling financially. They are hardworking young boys and they are starting their final government exams for form two very soon. They are going for holiday on 28 March 2015. They will be coming back soon to school after two weeks and they will need also school fees. In malawi good school are abit expensive and these boys pay a school fees of 155euro each that means every term the two boys need 310 euro. Yes, it is alot of money but it is worthy it because the school where they are learning is obe of the good school and it is called st paul the apostle seminary. Its a boarding school and with good library facilitiesand good teachers. The grading system here in malawi is according to grades, from grade four, that is tge best student to grade one, that is poor student. And most of the time are on the midddle grade. So as of now it is difficult to pay school fees for both.

  11. The rains has started again and this will be one of the bad year in terms of harvest from the fields. Therefore, there is need to buy more maize where it can be found as earlier as possible.

    1. The first term of the school calender end on the 27 March 2015, so Mlambe nursery will as well close on the same day and re-open after two weeks. we expect increase in the number of kids and the elderly in the adult literay school. we had few elderly people as it was the part of year when they were farming also the harvest is bad this year. so, we expect the rise in the number. we have now the problem of the salary of the teachers because the kids are failing to pay their contribution of 1 euro every month as a salary to their teachers since their parents are very poor. As for the maize which we buy to feed them, this year will be very expensive because we had very poor weather and the harvest will be poor as well. so we need to be fast to buy it as soon as possible. so in the budget for this year, i think that should be the first thing to buy, otherwise any delay will lead to buying very expensive maize and that will be not good for the budget. so i appeal to all well wishers to help in the budget .

  12. He also reported that sugar which we bought is finished, so i already gave him 10000 kwacha to buy sugar for another month so that the pupils can keep on taking that food mainly this time when it is difficult to eat at their home because of hunger.he said the school has about 97 pupils in all who registered. But many are having the same problems of not giving their contribution for the salary of the teachers.

  13. The toilet is now almost completed. The building of the wall and roofing, all are completed. What remains is to put plaster of cement on the wall to protect it from rains and the floor of cement inside and putting a sit around the toilet hole inside.

  14. So i suggest that Alfred may also get something extra for the job he is doing in the afternoon with the adults because he is spending the time he could be doing other things in his garden or with his family.

  15. I met Alfred, the director for mlambe nursery school, and gave me the following report from the school project. The woman teacher has started well doing her work and her qualification is a form four certificate holder. That means finished her secondary education. And they agreed with the director to be giving her as salary of 8000 kwacha per month, that is 16 euro. About the adult literancy school started with 20 women and 6 men. It is Alfred who is teaching in the afternoon. But the problem is that, he does not have books that are necessary for this group. The ones he is using are borrowed from the man whom we met last time when we visited the school, who also teaches the adults at the next village.

  16. Malawi is meeting a big problem of flood .The bishop of the mangochi diocese in malawi has already written a letter to people in the diocese to ask them if they can contribute whatever they have to support those who have lost their properties to the floods. This afternoon will go to nankumba to visit the people who have been victims of the floods. In my village, many people have lost house and their properties. The gardens have been washed away.

  17. Malawi is raining a lot since end of December 2014, however people are living with hope that all will be fine. Mlambe nursery school project is growing everyday with new possibilities. The school is open again on 5 January 2015. And in addition, the parents who never went to school are also given chance to learn how to read and write. that mean a school in the afternoon for elderly is also open. the villages are really exited about. the only problem we have is that pupils from the other side of the river are unable to go to school now because the river is full and strong and there is no bridge. so they need to take care to avoid drowning with water. the toilet is almost finished. it has been late abit to finish because we have to get an expert for roofing. but very soon it will be ok. the pupil do eat porridge with sugar and enjoy the learning. this time of the year, people don’t have much food so the kids are helped to get food. apart from that, the doctor come once a month to test them and make sure are free from diseases. they learn pupils of different religions, moslems and Christians together to make sure they love each other so that in future they will live without conflict. so as it is, the project is really a foundation of many good things for the village. as of now, we can see a lot of changes in the village since it started. many appreacition to the family of Froukje and all who support from netherland, friesland. we ask all people of good will to support the project because it is really a help to the poor villages mainly the young. if there are some questions, they are welcome. Raphael Mkuzi- Malawi

    1. Another thing that we would like to help out in the village is water. people are drinking very bad water because they don’t have clean water from the boreholes. this rain season, there is a lot of cholera due to the unsafe and unclean water. so the villagers really need the clean water. the situation in the village is made of very poor people. And that makes them having malnutrition and very vulnerable to sickness.
      the maize we bought during the having time is almost finished so we need to buy more maize to reach the next harvesting time. this has been due to the late coming of rains, eventually prolonging the consumption time. it is likely that in February there will be hunger in the village, because the maize which is the main staple food in Malawi is now expected to be harvested in may 2015. so the food we give at the school also helps a lot the poor kids who can not have food at their home.

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